How to rotate digital camera videos

If you have digital movies which are in a landscape orientation, and you want them in portrait orientation, Movie Rotator can rotate them so that you can view them easily.

Movie Rotator 2 works on Windows 7 and later, and can rotate most videos that Windows can play, including most MOV, MP4, AVI, and 3GP movies. You can use Movie Rotator 1.2 on Windows Vista and XP.

To rotate a movie using Movie Rotator, follow the steps below.

Firstly download and install Movie Rotator.

Once Movie Rotator has installed, you can run it by opening it from the Start menu, or clicking on the desktop shortcut if you opted to create a desktop shortcut during installation. Movie Rotator will then start up, it looks like this:


Now click the file open button and select the video that you want to rotate with the file open dialog. You can also drag and drop the movie into Movie Rotator to open it. Once you've opened the video, press the or buttons to rotate the movie clockwise or anti-clockwise respectively. You can test the rotation effect by playing the movie with the button.

Once you're happy with the rotation, you can save it with the button. The movie will be re-encoded with the rotation applied. This can take some time, so a progress bar will appear in the work list on the right hand side of the app.

You can queue up more videos to be rotated by opening, rotating, and saving the video as above, and Movie Rotator will perform the rotations one video at a time, in the order they appear in the list.

Latest Release

Movie Rotator

Version 2.0.1
Released 24 November 2013

Movie Rotator requires:

Windows 7 or later

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