About Movie Rotator

Movie Rotator was written by Chris Pearce, and is available free of charge. It rotates videos by re-encoding them with each frame rotated. Movie Rotator uses facilities only available in Windows 7 and later to re-encode, so it doesn't work on Windows Vista or XP sorry.

If you have a Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can still use Movie Rotator 1.2 to rotate Quicktime MOV videos.

If you have any problems, concerns, suggestions, etc, please send me an email at

If Movie Rotator is crashing or can't rotate a particular video, please email me your video so that I can test it myself and figure out what's wrong. Please don't email me any video larger that 10MB though, your email will probably bounce!

Latest Release

Movie Rotator

Version 2.0.1
Released 24 November 2013

Movie Rotator requires:

Windows 7 or later

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